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Just had an email from LJ recalling post from ten years ago and wondered if everybody got them and like me wandered into this ghost ship.

Life is much the same with just the regular new worries every few months.

Don’t get to the cinema much these days as it’s so far away though they do show some films at the little theatre I volunteer in. Last week I did see The Favourite in Taunton however. Totally bonkers film but a great OTT performance by Olivia Colman.

Haven’t been to London for four years so my theatre going days appeared to have ceased though I have wonderful memories of Mark Rylance, Alan Rickman, Kevin Spacey (are we allowed to mention him anymore?) and many more.

Have won a few photography prizes of late so that is my main hobby.

Have come very late to some tv series but am now an avid fan of Endeavour and also Grantchester.

Hope somebody might read this and let me know how you are all doing.


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