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Over a year since I last posted. Still pop in regularly to see if anybody is about but it is so quiet.
Another year older. We have been in Somerset nearly three years which I find unbelievable. I volunteer for a couple of things and people are friendly and I still haven't got used to drawing the curtains and seeing the sea every morning. Life trundles on and I don't think it matters much where you live as your troubles usually go with you.
Been a sad year for losses in the public life. We had so much fun in the old Alan Rickman fan days and I met some lovely people (as well as Alan). Sad to see the wonderful Victoria Wood die too. That was a real shock especially as she was almost exactly my age. And Bowie and Cohen.
Still no point being maudlin and their work will live on.
Hope somebody is reading this ;)

Edit: just realised I posted almost the same thing last year! Groundhog Day in LJ ;)

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