grigorisgirl (grigorisgirl) wrote,

We went out to lunch today at the village we used to live at a couple of miles away.

The Square in the village has recently been purchased by the parish council so they are trying to make more of it. There is a deli/caterers in the Square so they laid on a "Party in the Piazza" and we bought tickets for £15 a head. We had a fabulous three course Italian lunch and drunk way too much wine. Here are some pix:

And how convenient of Pavarotti to die this week, so we had plenty of Italian music playing:

We drove there but abandoned the car and walked home. It's only about a mile or so as the crow flies but we can't fly and had to go up and down some very steep hills.
A short video I made half way home:
and then this old drunk overtook me:

So there we are - a typical British weekend!;

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