December 24th, 2007


Oooh! I just won a competition!

I just got an email from The Observer newspaper saying I'd won a set of five period drama dvds!
They had a survey a couple of weeks ago to nominate your favourite UK period TV dramas. Naturally I voted for Barchester Chronicles (which didn't get a mention!) but all the voters went into a draw and I won!!
Here's the list of the vote winners and I think I get the Top Five!!,,2228087,00.html

Oh Shit

I almost killed my mother!!
Mum as you know isn't too well at the moment. She lives in a ground floor annexe through the office that is attached to our living room.
I'd gone in to start helping her to get ready for bed at about ten and put her wheat bag (a "safe" hot water bottle!) in the microwave for three mins as usual (or so I thought!) then came back in and forgot about it for ten minutes or so. I was upstairs and suddenly heard raised voices. She'd come through on her frame with smoke pouring through! I must have set it for thirty mins by mistake!! Her kitchen was full of smoke and MPH dashed in and turned it off. The microwave was dripping goo from the melting cover and pouring smoke!
We manage to jettison the ruined microwave into the backyard and have left all the windows open. Mum was remarkably sanguine about it all and is sitting in the living room watching Ken Dodd waiting for the horrible smell to dissipate before she can go to bed! MPH cleaned up the kitchen and suggested if I was going to polish her off the axe in the shed might have been a better idea!

Merry Christmas to you all!