December 16th, 2007


It's Behind You!

This afternoon Lise and I went up to the Old Vic (Oh No We Didn't! Oh Yes We Did!) to see Cinderella witten by Stephen Fry.
We had a great time, the place was packed and we all hissed and booed as tradition dictates. Even the smallest children know what to shout out, I think it must be in the British blood.
Being by Fry it tended to be a rather gay panto with the narrator being Britain's favourite lesbian, Sandy Toksvig, two rather butch ugly sisters and Buttons and Dandini falling in love. Some of the jokes were a bit near the knuckle but were obviously aimed for the parents.
The sets were beautiful and the little boy I befriended next to me and I loved the mice who appeared from cooking pots and on the dresser.
A great day out.