December 14th, 2007


Elizabeth: The Golden Age

The last few months at work we have been trying one film matinee every couple of weeks to try and get the older people who always cite "not wanting to go out in the dark" as a reason for not coming to the flicks. It's not been a big success even though we reduce the ticket and offer free tea and biccies!
We've been showing Elizabeth: The Golden Age this week so I decided to pop in and watch the film as I saw some of the filming last summer as reported HERE. I spotted the scenes with my pals in and the boatbuilding scene was very brief but amazing how they had CGI'ed in a few galleons and made Frensham Pond look like the sea!

We only had about 20 people in and it was jolly cold too. I enjoyed the film but it was nowhere near as good as the original Elizabeth. Cate Blanchett was fantastic though even if the movie did play a bit fast and loose with history. I must say that Clive Owen scrubs up a treat in doublet and hose!

I'd give it 3* and say wait for it on tv or rental.