September 17th, 2007


A Wonderful Evening

Just got back from a wonderful evening out.

I got home from work last night at 11pm and found MPH watching a Brian Wilson concert on satellite. It was followed by another concert so we sat and sang along. MPH commented that Brian Wilson was about the only person he'd be happy to pay £50 a ticket for. (MPH is unaware of the prices Lise and I pay for U2, Brucie and The Police!;))

I told him that Brian was on in London sometime this month. About 1am I hit the Royal Festival Hall website and found that Brian had indeed been playing there all last week and today (Sunday) was his last night and there were a few tickets left so I booked and we went!

We had excellent seats in the middle of the stalls in the newly reopened Festival Hall. Brian had been commissioned to write a new piece for the Hall and it was called That Lucky Old Sun. He opened up with about an hour of Beach Boy classics with his superb backing group. We danced and sang along and more than once my eyes filled up with tears. They did a fabulous rendition ofGod Only Knows I was a huge Beach Boys fan as a kid and met them (but not Brian as he was not touring then). Of the three brothers only Brian remains which is amazing considering what he has been through physically and mentally.

There was an interval and then we all sat down to listen to his new piece. I'm always wary of new music at concerts but it was superb. It was interspersed with slides and movies above the stage and I'm afraid I had tears running down my face half the time especially when photos of Carl and Dennis came up.. They then went off stage but they came back to perform a load more classics like Help Me Rhonda, I Get Around and Fun, Fun Fun.

When he's not performing he looks distant and confused but when the music starts he's there rolling back the years.

A great evening being all the better for being totally unplanned.