September 9th, 2007


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Last night Lise and I went to Twickenham Stadium to see the reformed Police Tour.
They were pretty amazing, I'd forgotten how good musicians they were.
We sat about half way back on the pitch and Lise had a six foot wide Rugger bugger in front of her and I had a six foot three (at least!) skinny guy in front of me! But we could see the screens and we could sing and didn't we sing! I should think the neighboorhood thought it was community singing rather that a concert.

They kicked off with Message in a Bottle and worked there way through all the hits with a few interspersed that I wasn't so familiar with.

I must admit that I find the huge stadium gigs not as great as the intimate theatre gigs for bands but you have to grab what you can get. The first 40 mins I was enjoying it but something was missing somehow. I think something that gets up my nose at my age is the constant stream of people out to the bar to get drinks. When I was a girl, when dinosaurs (or at least Led Zeppelin) walked the earth, you went to a gig to see a band not to get plastered but I think that's just the British way these days!

Anyhow they got into their stride and we did most of the work for them. Sting is looking good but I could see the old man he is going to be, sometimes too many muscles don't look so good on the older guy. I always fancied Andy Summers more anyway and he looked pretty hot! Drummer Stuart Copeland resplendent in white gloves swatted away at the drums and cymbals and leapt up occasionally to do a really good job on general percussion.

I nipped out for a loo break during Hole In My Life but as I left the loo they had started up on Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and I walked back into the stadium singing my head off to one of the best songs of the night.

De Do Do Do De Da Da Da, Can't Stand Losing You and Roxanne followed in quick succession and I told Lise I wasn't leaving the stadium until they did Every Breath You Take which luckily they did as an encore or else I'd still be there!

So a great night, we returned with the statutory tour T-shirt and sore feet and throats.