August 28th, 2007


A pile of pepperoni...?

My son's tea (yes I am a bad mother and give him pizza and chips!).
The description on the box reads:
"Pizza Express American
Nothing but a pile of pepperoni for those who like their flavours strong and simple"

Don't know about you but I don't equate ten or eleven extremely small pieces of pepperoni as "a pile"!
So I have emailed the company with the photo and shall wait and see what happens!

Whilst shopping for said pizza this afternoon in Sainsburys my mobile rang. The reception wasn't that good in the supermarket but I heard a guy saying he was ringing from The Evening Standard (London paper I buy when I can get it out in the stix)
I naturally thought he was flogging something but he said "Congratulations, you have won tickets for Damien Rice in October at the Wembley Arena". I had to leave the trolley and go to the door to hear the rest. I had done a phone-in competition weeks ago and forgotten all about it! I love Damien but had no-one to ask to go with but the lure of a free ticket is always stronger and the redoubtable Lise is going to accompany me. Just hope the tickets aren't right at the back of the arena where you need binoculars!