August 15th, 2007


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Last night the Famous Four took a trip to the London O2 or Dome as it it shall always be to me. Some months ago seeing Prince seemed a good idea so we went!

I have to admit that I don't think I own a single Prince record (except maybe Purple Rain on a compilation) but there is something about him that when one of his vids appear on MTV I stand staring like a rabbit caught in the headlights!

He's been playing 21 consecutive nights in London and at £31.21 a ticket (+ a free cd) it would have been almost rude not to go. We arrived up at our entrance gate at the balcony and the ticket guy said we were at the back.

As we roped together and donned oxygen masks to start the ascent I wondered out loud how Lise managed to get tickets in the very back row of the arena when all the tickets were the same price! We clung like drunks to the sparse rails to get to the top. The worst bit was squeezing past people to get to the seats because as I looked down vertigo began to hit in. It was not so much that we were far from the stage but the angle of the seats must have been a 70 degree rake. I was petrified! Still no point letting a little thing like vertigo spoil the evening and I even indulged in my very first Mexican wave (only the arms mind, no standing!)

The stage was shaped like the squiggle that the artist formerly known as once used. The warm-up act was Beverly Knight, a great singer but what a thankless task to open for a superstar.

Eventually the show started and boy he knows how to put on a show. The stage constantly changed colour and the lighting was incredible. He opened with 1999 and the two women in front leapt to their feet so if I wanted to see anything I had to overcome the vertigo. He has a superb band and an array of girly dancers who strutted their stuff around the stage occasionally doing the splits.

I don't know all his songs but the crowd did and went wild. Unfortunately he started latish and we had to leave before the end of his encore to be sure of getting the tube and trains but he did a brilliant Purple Rain and Kiss which are particular faves of mine. The little guy is weirdness personified but who cares? A great evening and I even overcame the vertigo to boogie in the back row and think I enjoyed it the most out of all of us!