August 11th, 2007


Two Movies This Week..

The joys of my new job working in our local Hall/Cinema Box Office include free tickets so this week we had some movies on.

Thursday night I even managed to get MPH out to watch a film. Of course the fact that the tix were free , I drove and promised him a drink in the interval helped.

We watched a Brit film Grow Your Own. A drama/comedy set in an allotment (local council land for people to grow veggies), it was a pleasant but not great movie. Local allotment holders are stereotypical bigots who have some of their ideas up-ended when asylum seekers (and their cute kids) with various problems (including mental health) are given land to grow food and commune with nature. Throw in the usual committee of rule-making despots and a sub-plot of mobile phone aerial planners and you know more or less how it's going to turn out. One to catch on the TV when it gets there.

Last night MPH could not be lured to see a French Film with English sub-titles, so I went on my own (his loss!)
Tell No One (Ne le Dis a Personne) is about a man, Alex (a rather attractive Francois Cluzet), whose wife has been murdered by a serial killer eight years before. He starts to receive e-mails from her and then is suspected of her and a more recent murder. It was really gripping and fraught and I recommend it. It also starred Kristin Scott-Thomas and Marie-Josée Croze. Quite violent in places which didn't go down so well with all the audience. We have to choose the films shown to suit a very "Middle England" audience who don't usually go to the multiplexes. They tend to love stuff like Amazing Grace, The Queen and anything with Judi Dench in! But we are trying to give a varied selection and we had quite a good turnout for this one. I love the fact that all the films get an interval and you can go have a drink in the bar, it makes it more of a night out.