August 4th, 2007


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Summer has finally arrived in the South of England! It must be hot because I put on a sundress when I walked the dog and I'm somebody who always prefers to be just a bit too warm than chilly!

So of course the BBQ had to be scrubbed clean of last year's detritus (Hygiene? What's that?) by MPH and I have been making salads and marinades and cubing steak.

I have to admit that I don't actually like BBQs that much.

Men say "Let's have a BBQ, I'll cook!" but they of course don't consider washing and chopping salad, making marinades and sticking things on skewers actual cooking so I think it makes far more work for me plus the fact that our house doesn't have a kitchen door onto the garden so you either traipse through the lounge with all the stuff or around the side of the house. Of course the boys say burgers and bangers will do but if I am going to eat BBQ food I prefer something a wee bit more exotic than an outside BurgerKing fry-up!
So I have prepared it all and just await the "chef's" instructions!!

On a more serious note, I was up most of the night with my 87 year old Mum who was sick and bad in the night. She seems a bit brighter now though and has just managed a cup of tea and piece of bread, so fingers crossed.

Also the News is full of the confirmed Foot & Mouth outbreak which is only about eight miles away from us as the crow flies. The 2001 outbreak was hundreds of miles from us but we still had to have footbaths and disinfectant at our old place (which is very near the outbreak)  as we had seventeen acres and 42 sheep. Thankfully, we live in a normal manner now  and the sheep are only a dim nightmare for me! LOL

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Before the BBQ MPH commented that the gas cylinder appeared much lighter than he remembered from last year!
And he was right, it ran out! Appears older son had "borrowed" it last year to take to one oof his raves!!

Younger son and MPH from top window (through Virginia) before the gas ran out:

BBQ returns to kitchen:

Aftermath, funny how they aren't so clean to clear up, isn't it?

They borrow camera for final shot in garden!

Anyway the food was very nice. Mum is a bit better and managed some soup and it's going to be 30C (86F) tomorrow!!