July 7th, 2007


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Been watching some of the Live Earth Concert on and off all afternoon and evening.
Not MPH's cup of tea at all, he has his own very strong views on Global Warming that I shan't bore you with here.
16 year old has been watching all day and popped down after tea to say the Foo Fighters were on so I flicked over.
MPH: "What a racket, what do you see in them?"
At this point I decided to tell him that I wasn't really watching for the music but rather to lust over David Grohl (looking resplendent in thick beard and long hair). I awaited the sarcasm and then I added "Well he looks a bit like you used to"
He studies Mr.Grohl and says "Yes, I suppose he does look a bit like me, that's alright then!"
The egos of men!!!
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