April 17th, 2007


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I just got an email from YouTube about a clip I have loaded saying:
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Third Story Music, Inc.

Last July I uploaded a recording off the TV of a 1968 b&w clip of the late great Tim Buckley singing on a British TV programme. This was a real rarity and I have had 16,400 hits and 27 comments from fans who have been so pleased to find an old clip. The only other clip that I have seen of Tim performing is an old one from the end of a Monkees show. This too has been removed by Third Story Music.

It seems very sad to me that the only two tv clips of somebody who died over thirty years ago have been removed from viewing by fans who still hold him dear in their memory. Do they really need the royalties that badly??

I adored Tim and was lucky enough to see him live twice in London, I think he only visited here three times in total. He had the voice of an angel and the looks to match. I only discovered his son Jeff after he too had tragically died young and seeing him was like seeing his father all over again.

Ah well, much good may it do them.

Oh silly me, I just googled around and look what I found:
Surprise, suprise, eh?
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