February 2nd, 2007


The thrill is gone

I’m not a big shopper, I don’t get get a buzz from going out buying or shop when I’m miserable. In fact, I’m quite tight when it comes to buying for myself.

But once in a while I get seduced. Something turns my head and I have to have it. About three months ago it was the LG KG800 Chocolate mobile phone. My old mobile’s battery was failing and the camera was crap so I thought it was time to have a new one.

Oh it was love at first sight, the slim almost black shiny phone with slider opening and shiny red touch-sensitive lights. If, as men say, gadgets can be sexy then this was. It even has it’s own little black velvet bag. I was surpised it didn’t get called up for dates from other mobile phones. It even had a little polisher for the case that you were supposed to attach but I never could work out how to clip it on.

But time passes and lust can fade and now I am annoyed by the fact that when I just lightly touch it, it does something I don’t want it to do! The fact that the on/off switch is right where you clasp the phone when talking and I have cut my self off in mid-flow on more than a couple of occasions. No matter how I set it up to ring and vibrate it seems to change it’s mind and do something else. The fact that although I press ring periodically for text messages it does so only once and then sits sulkily in my handbag, ignored and plotting it’s next temper tantrum.

Oh the camera and video are brilliant but how many photos do I have on there? Two!

It still looks seductive but as we all know looks aren’t everything and I sometimes hanker for my old fliptop Samsung.

As BB King said the Thrill is Gone and I guess a phone is just a phone after all…