January 13th, 2007


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Well I suppose if I only post when I have something interesting to say it will result in about two posts a year so here's a post anyway.

This time last year I returned to P/T work after twenty years at home being the perfect wife and mother (D- on  both counts). I worked two days a week at the local Forest Park as a shop assistant. I enjoyed it and got on well with everybody but we all got made redundant as they put it out for tender as a cafe. So at the end of December I was out of work.

Not wanting to return home to 'im indoors and needing the money I put out some feelers in a Christmas card and got a call to say there was a three month vacancy working in the finance department of the forest research station that I left in '85. So there I am back in the same room I started in back in '78.
It's full time Mon-Thursday and consists of inputting  invoices etc for payment. Not exactly rivetting but the pay's ok and there's a stange feeling of  warm familiarity even though most of the people I knew are dead or gone! There are some old faces though and it is scary how old they look and of course even scarier that they are looking at me and thinking exactly the same! 

I don't think I'd stay longer even if they offer me it but it's a bit experience to put on a cv.
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Well now I'm in the posting mood there's no stopping me!
All LJ-ers love lists so I thought of listing all the bands etc I've ever seen live. I'd love to see all yours too.
(Just keep in mind I am very old!)

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