Over a year since I last posted. Still pop in regularly to see if anybody is about but it is so quiet.
Another year older. We have been in Somerset nearly three years which I find unbelievable. I volunteer for a couple of things and people are friendly and I still haven't got used to drawing the curtains and seeing the sea every morning. Life trundles on and I don't think it matters much where you live as your troubles usually go with you.
Been a sad year for losses in the public life. We had so much fun in the old Alan Rickman fan days and I met some lovely people (as well as Alan). Sad to see the wonderful Victoria Wood die too. That was a real shock especially as she was almost exactly my age. And Bowie and Cohen.
Still no point being maudlin and their work will live on.
Hope somebody is reading this ;)

Edit: just realised I posted almost the same thing last year! Groundhog Day in LJ ;)
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A year or so since last post. I still look regularly to see if there are any posts from old chums but sadly not very often.
There appears to be a new look on LJ which means my old header has gone which saddens me. Anyone know how to get it back?
Life in Somerset plods along. We have been here eighteen months and I never tire of staring out of the window at the sea.
Hope anyone who reads this is well an doing ok.
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There seems a slight resurgence in LJ so after eighteen months I thought I might say hello.
Life has changed completely for me. Gave up work in February and we have moved to Somerset overlooking the sea. Still settling in but got to local theatre last week and saw an amusing little show about Sherlock Holmes. One can never have too much Sherlock, can one?

Naturally I miss my work mates at the cinema and also miss the free films! There is a small independent cinema about ten miles from here which I want to try but it is a hair-raising journey so may only do matinees!

Best wishes to any of my old LJ pals. We did used to have fun in the old Rickman days, didn't we? Still, all things must pass as somebody probably said.

Things I am enjoying at the moment on TV are Shetland and for some inexplicable reason The Sewing Bee. I can't sew for toffee, always relied on my dear old Mum to make everything for me. I know I must be getting old when I avidly watch Perfection and Pointless in the afternoon.

I appear to have forgotten how to get reasonable size pictures onto LJ so here is a link to a local view:
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For some obscure reason I was scanning Friends Reunited and came across a photo of my first boyfriend.
Reader, I dated young Snape!!

And the first one who asked "Which one was it?" gets a slapping;)
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20:2012 Here's Lenny by grigorisgirl
20:2012 Here's Lenny, a photo by grigorisgirl on Flickr.

We adopted Lenny and George last week. George is VERY shy but Lenny is settling in.

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Saw this at a 3 pm showing, I love going to the cinema in the afternoon. Got a week off work (in a cinema!) so thought I'd catch this as we aren't showing it ( Mustn't tell the boss I've been in the 'O' place!)
Absolutely loved it, totally charming, gorgeous leads, cute dog and great music. So stylish and well made, loved the girls shadow as she ran upstairs. Go see it if you have a chance.
The trailer doesn't do it justice.
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Belated New Year Greetings and last year roundup.

Not a lot to report, theatre trips have been cut back. Major two outings were to see Kev in Richard III and a second viewing of the brilliant Jerusalem with Mark Rylance. Have to say that I think Rylance's performance as the waster Rooster Byron is the finest I've ever seen and would see it again if I had the chance.
Recent cinema trips (joys of working at a cinema)have been Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which was excellent and I just about followed the plot and Jane Eyre which I also thought was very well done and I am very fussy about my Mr.Rochesters. Earlier in the year the big film was The King's Speech which I thought was worth all the accolades though I thought Geoffery Rush deserved an award too. Over Christmas we saw TinTin which I loved (there's a good TinTin game on iApps that only costs 79p if you like that sort of thing) I loved the colours in the film. The other really silly film we enjoyed was Tower Heist with Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller which I never thought I'd like but was great fun in a mindless way.
Looking forward to My Week With Marilyn in a couple of weeks and War Horse in February.

Hope a few of you old timers will continue to post on LJ.
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